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Sailong Studio 是位在台灣新北的一間手作工作室,製作項目包含彩色玻璃、刺繡品、皮革製品等等。標誌由“S+L” 兩個英文字所構成,S 圓弧、對稱的曲線與 L 俐落的對角線,搭配有襯線英文字體“Minion Pro-Bold Caption” 。識別色設定彩度較低的大地色系,淺咖啡色與深灰藍色為主要企業色,米白色則是輔助點綴。透過標誌、文字、顏色三個識別元素,完整呈現品牌優雅、細緻的氣質。

 Sailong Studio is a handmade studio located in New Tapei City in Taiwan. Handmade items include stained glass, embroidery, leather goods, etc.“Minion Pro-Bold Caption”。 Logo is a combination of letter “S” and “L”, which features the circular and symmetric curve of “S” and vertical and diagonal line of “L” and goes with serif typeface “Minion Pro-Bold Caption.”
The identification color goes with earth tone. Main corporate color consists of light brown and blue grey. And beige is an auxiliary ornament.The elegance and delicacy of Sailong Studio is perfectly presented through logo mark, character and color, these three identification elements.

Sailong Studio - 視覺識別 Visual Identity
Client | Sailong Studio
Design Agency | THE 90s LAB
Designer | Tan Yu-Chen

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